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Account Forecasting Tool

The Forecasting Tool (FT) was developed out of the need for administrators to have a means to accurately project the availability of funding on grant, program, and gift accounts as well as be able to save the calculations for later reference. At the time of the FT’s development ASU’s Workday financial system only had the capability of being a report generator and lacked the functionality of calculating expenditure projections. This required units across the university to utilize their own financial calculation tools that can lead to increased error, increased time reviewing financial figures, and a lack of standardization in financial management.

The FT is not meant to be a replacement for Workday. It is intended to be a complementary tool to be used in conjunction with Workday. The FT is also not meant to be a monthly audit readiness reconciliation tool that is currently available in Workday. The FT is meant to be a tool for administrators, not faculty, and requires specialized training to effectively utilize. The FT contains a significant number of features that are not readily apparent and while the training is not necessarily intensive, it is required to become proficient in use. It is the purpose of this guide to encapsulate these trainings for FT beginners and for those needing later reference.

Training Guide

Training Session 5-29-2024


Forecasting Tool Departmental Liaisons serve as the main point of contact to answer Forecasting Tool questions for other users in their units/colleges, and may also serve as a resource for units without a Liaison in-house.

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This dashboard shows performance data about the KED Account Forecasting tool such as usage by college, department or person; speed; and database load times which are targeted to be done by 7am.

Account Forecasting Tool Usage Dashboard